Tuesday, 23 November 2010

wisdom is gift wrapped in perception and tracing paper

if you're going to point your fingers, make sure your hands are clean


The pinnacle of all things gracious and divine is beauty. Beauty makes life worth living. It makes the birds sing, the sun shine, the rivers flow and volcanos erupt. Without beauty, hope would abate, miracles would wither, temptation would wilt. Beauty is found in all that we see, smell, hear, taste and touch but in nothing is it found more in than balance. Balance is utterly and undeniably crucial to our existence. It is the explanation, the glue and the reason behind all that equates, that is to say; everything.

A hypocrite is like that one particularly fat kid that was in your school. You know the one I mean. Seriously fat, the sort of fat where the fatness is beyond fatness. It's like when a world record holding baker announces he's been baking a pie for the past 3 months. You know for damn sure that's going to be one outlandish monstrosity of a pie. You finally see this pie of preposterous pastry proportions and you think to yourself, "yeah. That's a pie right there. Not just a pie. That's beyond a pie. That's a 'for the love of all things savory' kind of pie. I am in awe of said pie." That level of fat. So fat it's like they had to eat more than excessive amounts of wholesome and delicious food to become so astonishingly whalesome. Like they went beyond food and started eating concepts and emotions. Maybe they ate the concept of sensory trajectory, albophobia and love. Maybe that's why it's called infatuation? Imagine this beastsome thunder bucket of a child walking into a playground and sitting on a see saw with a sweet, moderately weighted child on the other end. Just like the hypocrite, the over fed Snorlax causes unbalance. And what fun is to be had without balance? If a human becomes unbalanced significantly enough, they will literally vomit on the spot. Oh hey man, I feel like having some fun, shall we drink a couple pitchers, steal a car and go and throw frozen food at hookers? Nah, I think I'm just going to become unbalanced and force myself to vomit instead. How ridiculous. Very ridiculous. That's how ridiculous.

The point is thus: if you're going to point your fingers, make sure your hands are clean. Don't be a hypocrite, don't deny balance and rationality. In light of this thought/discussion/lecture I shall now coin a new phrase:

Wash your hands with metaphoric soap that is actually self awareness and acute realisation of the accuracy of your perception before you metaphorically point your unwashed fingers at someone by accusing them of a deed that you yourself could in return be accused of having done previously by someone with metaphorically clean hands and a valid reason for metaphorically pointing their clean fingers at you by accusing you of the deed previously mentioned.

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