Wednesday, 24 November 2010

cupid has the wings of an angel, arrows of love and u.s military standard issue hand grenades

you can fall in love in a month


You can fall in love in a month, a week, a day, an hour, a minute, a second, a heartbeat. Not a year. If it's been a year, probably move on, try someone else - you can always come back later. Falling in love is tantamount to religion. If a priest fucked you as a child you're probably going to have issues about it later in life. There's no scientific proof for it, like religion. You can't take a sample of love, mix it with Rubidium, put it in a test tube over a bunsen burner for 5 minutes and write a dissertation about the ramifications of mixing love with varyingly hostile alkalis. That would be like holding an olympic ceremony for mermaids. Mermaids aren't real and there wasn't even a mermaid olympics, it just went straight to the ceremony, it's just a waste of time and resources. Besides, even if there was a mermaid olympics, how many different events would there actually be? Swimming is one event. ONE event. They can't do track and field, they'd be awful at it. They might aswell just tag along to the special olympics, at least the competitors would get a kick out of seeing some mermaids.

People are fascinated by the notion of falling in love. It is championed in every romantic film, advocated in every love story, idolised and sanctioned in every love song. It is drilled into our vulnerably absorbent minds with intense, burning, rushing rapture. It never ceases, it is unrelenting. It is no suprise that people are obsessed by falling in love when placed in this amity themed pressure cooker.

There can be no time scale on love. Who is to say when a painting is finished besides the artist themselves? No one. Anyone who rules the roost on a subjective matter is undermining their own attitude and displaying industrial portions of stupidity. The sort of swamp brained know nothing idiot that would bemoan the destructive nature of man whilst throwing an oil covered Cambodian child at a newly born polar bear, brushing their teeth with a petrol powered toothbrush.

Go ahead and fall in love in whatever amount of time you wish. Or be original and find an alternative; jump into non-hate, slide out of resentment or transpose to fondness.

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